Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Name Game

A long time ago, a young couple moved from West Virginia to Washington. They built a cabin, and started a life there. However, there were a bunch of wild critters around, like skunks and porcupines. The young lady wrote a letter to her dad and asked him to come get rid of the critters, since he was such a good backwoods trapper. A few months later, the dad showed up. "Ah'll get rid of them thar critters fer ya," he said. He set a trap and the next morning, a porcupine was in the trap. The dad went to get the porcupine out of the trap, when, like porcupines like to do, he whipped his tail at the dad and tried to get him with his quills. The dad jumped back quickly, then called out, "Don't worry none. That porcupine dint get me. There's no qualls n me." (Snoqualmie - the pass in Washington)

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