Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Integrity and Failure leads to Success

Integrity means to be honest. I try to have integrity in my life, and this has been noticed by other people. Once, when I was over concessions, the till was short a number of dollars. I was upset, thinking I would get blamed. However, the person in charge said they knew it wasn't me because of how I show honesty and integrity every day. They later found the money, but I felt better knowing I wasn't suspected of stealing the money.

Failure leads to success has happened in my life many times. As a performer, whether on the athletic field or in an auditorium, there have been many times I have failed. For instance, I broke my foot my junior year and had to sit out much of my basketball season. At the end of the season, I felt like a failure and almost didn't go back out for basketball. However, I went out and at the end of the season, won the defensive MVP and the overall MVP of the team.

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