Thursday, September 22, 2016

Speak with Good purpose and This is It!

To speak with good purpose means to use our words wisely and respectfully. As a teenager, I was around swearing a lot, and I got into a bad habit of using swear words when adults weren't around. Obviously I could control what came out of my mouth, as I was able to speak good words in front of my parents and other adults. When I went to college, one of my roommates was offended by the swear words I said. She told me it didn't sound good, it didn't sound intelligent, and I was smart enough to speak better. That stuck with me, and I rarely say swear words to this day.

This is it means to live in the moment. There are many people who think of their life in terms of "When this happens, I will be happier" whether it is a better job, a better place to live, or just a "better" anything. I am able to be appreciative of the opportunities I have now, even if I am not satisfied with everything in my life. It is O.K. to want to better yourself, it is just not O.K. to want it so much that you can't appreciate what you have now.

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