Monday, October 17, 2016

New class format

For the past few years, ever since I started teaching, I have tried to be open to new ways of teaching, using this and that to come up with what I think is the best mix of traditional and progressive teaching for my students. One thing I have studied a lot about is how student's learn better when they have more ownership in how they learn. I have also studied and read a lot about how learning should be "real life" so that students can use what I do in class to help them succeed in whatever pathway they take later on. Much of the new format - getting away from worksheets, working in groups, hyperdocs, self-assessment - are all skills that students will need (or are getting away from skills that students won't need) as they progress in their scholastic and vocational careers, as well as in their relationships in the future, for both business and pleasure.

Compare and Contrast 2 of the 8 keys

The two keys that I need to work on the most are flexibility and balance. I many ways these are similar keys. Flexibility and balance both deal with time management. How do I spend my time? Do I have wasteful habits, or do I need to change some of my habits? They also both affect how we interact with others. Do I spend enough time with friends, family, etc.? Do I interact in a positive manner and listen to what they say?

Flexibility and balance affect different parts of my life. Flexibility is about not getting stuck in a rut, or never changing my mind. It is more outward, listening and interacting with others and being respectful and open-minded about their ideas and needs. Balance is about focusing on what is important at the time for me. It is a more internal check list of what is important.

What I Have learned from the 8 keys

There are many things to learn from the 8 keys of excellence. These 8 keys can govern just about every aspect of our behavior, from honesty and integrity to hard work. They teach us how to get along with others and how to not give up. They even cover how to accept your failings, and resolve to do better, how to manage your time, and how to be open to new ideas. Although I have studied the 8 keys for a number of years as I have taught this class, it is always a good reminder to me that I can always do better, work harder, and remember that the 8 keys are trying to help me be a better person.