Monday, October 17, 2016

Compare and Contrast 2 of the 8 keys

The two keys that I need to work on the most are flexibility and balance. I many ways these are similar keys. Flexibility and balance both deal with time management. How do I spend my time? Do I have wasteful habits, or do I need to change some of my habits? They also both affect how we interact with others. Do I spend enough time with friends, family, etc.? Do I interact in a positive manner and listen to what they say?

Flexibility and balance affect different parts of my life. Flexibility is about not getting stuck in a rut, or never changing my mind. It is more outward, listening and interacting with others and being respectful and open-minded about their ideas and needs. Balance is about focusing on what is important at the time for me. It is a more internal check list of what is important.

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